How to care for my nappies

Washing your reusable nappies is a lot easier than many would think. Follow these simple steps for clean nappies every time.


Step one

Remove solids by putting down the toilet.  You can flush any soiled liner down the toilet (make sure you use our flushable liner) or put into your bin.    You can put any solids in your compost bin if you like too (baby poo is very nutritional for a compost bin)!   Remove your liners if they are wet and replace with new ones.  The nappy will still be dry and can be reused.  

If the nappy is wet or soiled a little, place nappy in wetbag or dry pail until laundry day. We found soaking the nappies and inserts in a bucket of cold water with a drop of Ace Cleaner or Nappisan removes all stains and smells. 


Step two

Cold rinse your nappies in the washing machine within 1-2 days. You can store nappies until the main wash if you wish, otherwise wash nappies in 40 - 60 degree wash with your detergent of choice.  The main wash should be done every 2-3 days.  Run your wash on a eco cycle where possible.  


Step three

Hang your nappies to air dry or tumble dry them on low heat.  You can also dry your nappies and liners in your airing  press. 


Hanging your nappy to dry on your clothes line is the best for the nappy and the most environmentally friendly way to dry your nappies.