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BizzyBeez Cloth Nappies are a range of beautiful soft nappies you can trust to put on your baby's delicate skin. 

Our aim is to provide products we know work well, products that we have tested on our own children

We also stock a range of wet bags and baby bags made from sustainable material.

We will support you on your cloth nappy journey. 


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Our Pocket nappies are so easy to use,  almost as easy as a disposable.   Without any waste.  


All nappies consist of a waterproof outer layer, made from high quality polyurethane laminated fabric. This is the breathable waterproof layer that retains all the moisture.  The inner layer is a soft cloth lining, which gently lies against baby’s skin, keeping any moisture away from baby’s bum, keeping baby dry and comfortable.  Our nappies help reduce nappy rashes by preventing any urine irritating the skin.


All nappies have a pocket where you place an absorbent insert. The insert is placed into the pocket for each use and removed afterwards so that both pieces can simply be washed.    If your nappy is not wet nor soiled, there is no need to change it.  All our nappies come with 2 different highly absorbent insert options - 2 bamboo fibre inserts or a bamboo cotton trifold insert.  You can customise your absorbency to meet your baby’s changing needs by adding extra inserts or boosters when required.  A light wetter may only need 1 insert, most babies will need 2, whereby a very heavy wetter might need 3.    You can purchase extra inserts as required.  When you are starting to toilet train, simply reduce the amount of inserts until you are left with none.    Our inserts don’t shrink in the wash, in fact, the more you wash them, the better they work! 


All nappies are designed to grow as your baby does, and fit babies from 3.5kg to 17kg.  They have white gussets and little snaps on three rise settings to customise the fit to your baby.  Simply adjust the rise snaps on the front of the nappy to adjust the size. 


Wetbags - a must have for your cloth nappy journey!


Our machine washable wet bags will store new & soiled nappies separately. Made from the same waterproof material our cloth nappies, they are so functional and easy to use. 

Each bag comes with two zipped pockets.  The larger pocket will hold 4-5 nappies, & the smaller front pocket 2-3 nappies. Fully waterproof, they will keep things dry and odour free.   Alternatively the front pocket is the perfect place to store wet wipes, wallet, phone  ......all your essentials when out & about!

Featuring a safe snap handle, this robust handle allows you to attach it to anything, your changing table, pram, car seat, wrist. There are endless uses for this nappy bag and it will make a great gift for any new parent!


These bags are also perfect for packing as your baby hospital bag.  Either use to store your new baby products for easy grab when going to the Labour Ward, or pack all your own essentials and simply clip to your hospital bed.  

Inserts and Trifolds are the absorbent part of the nappy. Our inserts are 100% Bamboo Viscose, and are 7 times more absorbent than cotton and naturally antibacterial, which keeps any nasty bugs away from your baby's skin.  You have the option to add additional absorbency when you need it, such as long nights, or days out.  All inserts and trifolds can be used in all our nappies.


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